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Townsend Ventures, LLC was formed in 2007 to serve as the primary vehicle for Townsend’s energy related investments. With the belief that conserving, storing, and locating new energy sources will be the newest wave of growth over the next decade, Townsend Ventures focuses on three specific markets -- Energy Efficiency, Battery Technology and Oil and Gas Drilling.

With the passage of legislation such as the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the U.S. government has funded billions of dollars targeting energy efficiency and conservation practices. This unprecedented level of funding is designed not only to stimulate the economy, but also to raise America’s energy efficiency standards and give rise to an energy revolution. This fundamental shift in the way we view energy is not just specific to the U.S.; it has also become a global phenomenon, which has created a substantial number of investment opportunities around the world.

The strategy of Townsend Ventures is to assemble a portfolio of companies to create synergies among its investments. The focused selection of complementary technologies and sales channels enhances the value of the individual companies, as well as the overall investments of Townsend Ventures. Townsend Ventures has already made several strategic investments and is currently seeking additional opportunities.

Current investments include:

AllCell Automotive
AllCell Automotive

AllCell Automotive is the exclusive licensee of AllCell Technology LLC's patented phase change material (PCM) for thermal management of advanced energy systems in the automotive industry. AllCell's technology uses PCM to extend battery life and prevent overheating and thermal runaway. The PCM technology can rapidly absorb large amounts of heat, allowing battery system designers to eliminate the bulky, expensive and inefficient liquid cooling systems common in current EV's and plug-in hybrids (PHEV's). AllCell Automotive's PCM based solution involves no moving parts, requires no power to operate, and continues to protect batteries from overheating during normal operation of the vehicle and when the vehicle is parked. This low cost, solid state thermal protection can be critical to vehicle safety after accidents or when other systems on the vehicle fail—a critical shortcoming of today's active thermal management systems. AllCell's PCM based technology, already commercialized in military, medical and light electric vehicle (LEV) applications, also provides a low cost solution to enhance vehicle range and performance. AllCell Automotive's systems are currently under evaluation by several global automakers.

AllCell Technologies
AllCell Technologies

AllCell Technologies designs and manufactures lithium-ion battery packs for portable, stationary, and transportation applications.  Our patented thermal management technology allows production of compact, lightweight, and long-lasting batteries.  AllCell's thermal management technology is based on the use of phase change materials (PCM) to surround each lithium-ion cell, absorbing and conducting heat away to dramatically extend the life of the cells and prevent fire or damage to the battery.  AllCell's products avoid the need for expensive, complicated, and inefficient active thermal management systems, replacing pumps, motors, and hoses with an elegant passive system that requires no energy to operate and has no moving parts.

AllCell produces several lines of standard batteries and also collaborates with our customers to design, test, and manufacture high-quality custom batteries for a wide variety of applications.  Funded in part by a generous grant from the State of Illinois, AllCell recently completed an expansion of our production facility in Chicago that allows us to economically produce batteries in both large and small lot sizes.

Energy Power Systems
Energy Power Systems, LLC

Energy Power Systems is engaged in developing technologies and products related to energy efficiency for use in advanced fuel efficient vehicles, smart grid energy management applications and the power electronics industry.

The advanced battery and battery systems created by EPS will enable the launch of higher fuel efficiency vehicles including Start/Stop, Micro Hybrids, Power Assist Hybrids, and other electrified powertrains for all types of energy efficient commercial medium and heavy-duty vehicles. In addition, EPS will serve the utility, smart grid and consumer industry to enhance energy efficiency management.

XALT Energy, LLC
XALT Energy, LLC

XALT Energy was conceived to be a pioneering force, an industry leader in advanced energy storage solutions charged with navigating a very long (and growing) list of complicated energy challenges.

Lithium-ion cells are the product, and XALT's mission is to create opportunities for innovation by opening doors for new ways of storing our most valuable energy resources. We've put the brightest engineering minds to work in cutting-edge facilities, and we've told them that the only limitation is their imagination. The results thus far are nothing short of revolutionary.

XALT Energy unites viable, scalable large-format cell technology with the market franchise, manufacturing expertise and market knowledge necessary to be a revolutionary advanced cell manufacturer.

MBP Investors, LLC, an affiliate of Townsend Ventures, LLC, is the majority owner of XALT Energy. Townsend Ventures, LLC is the sustainable energy-focused division of Townsend Capital, LLC.

Past investments include:

Encelium Technologies

Encelium is a technology development company specializing in integrated lighting control systems for commercial buildings. Encelium manufactures the Energy Control System (ECS), the most advanced lighting control solution for commercial buildings on the market. This solution offers the world's first addressable lighting control system that can reduce a commercial building's lighting energy costs by 50%-75% and yields a typical payback period of less than four years. With operations in the United States, Canada and Europe, Encelium's proven solutions have been utilized in hundreds of new and retrofitted buildings around the globe.

Kokam Co., Ltd.

Kokam Co., Ltd. (KCL) headquartered in South Korea, was established in 1989 to develop new battery technologies and to manufacture new processing equipment for the lithium polymer battery industry. KCL has become a highly successful developer of new technologies with numerous patents. The company's core competencies extend from being the world's largest manufacturer of large capacity cells over 30 Ahs to being a leader in the design and development of automated equipment for mass production.