About Us

Townsend Capital, LLC (“Townsend”) is a privately held investment company primarily investing in emerging technologies that focus on the energy sector. Through its subsidiaries, Townsend is actively engaged in developing technologies and products related to maximizing energy efficiencies for use in advanced fuel efficient vehicles, smart grid energy management applications, and the power electronics industry.

Townsend’s investment strategy has been to assemble a portfolio of companies to create synergies among its investments. The focused selection of complementary technologies and sales channels enhances the value of the individual companies, as well as the overall investments of Townsend. Recent investments include XALT Energy, LLC (“XALT”), TBP Investments, LLC, and AllCell Technologies LLC (“AllCell”).

XALT was conceived to be a pioneering force, an industry leader in advanced lithium-ion cell storage solutions, and is capable of providing high-energy large format and small format cells for a wide array of high-demand applications and environments.

TBP Investments, LLC (TBP) invests in disruptive lithium battery technology companies that will lead to the next generation of safer, higher energy lithium batteries. Though its relationship with XALT, TBP is able to rapidly enhance the development of these technologies into commercial applications. To date, TBP has invested in ForgeNano and Elegus EPS, LLC.

AllCell Technologies designs and manufactures lithium-ion battery packs for portable, stationary, and transportation applications. AllCell’s thermal management technology is based on the use of phase change materials to surround each lithium-ion cell, absorbing and conducting heat away to dramatically extend the life of the cells and prevent fire or damage to the battery. Townsend has licensed this technology, exclusively for automotive applications and non-exclusively for all others, and is developing a newer, safer generation of lithium ion battery packs for use in marine applications.

The recent and unprecedented shift in the way we view energy is not just specific to the U.S.; it has become a global phenomenon which has created a substantial number of investment opportunities around the world. Townsend’s ability to firmly grasp the macro and micro economic factors impacting the marketplace means its investment strategy is proactive rather than reactive. By coupling new ideas with the ability to execute, Townsend Capital has created an extensive history of success.